Holy *&#%@! Batman! After a long and quiet week we’re back with an incredible new track from Paris outfit To The Happy Few. Mixing samples from Christian Bale’s infamous rant with new wave themes, Kirkebrann, off the groups Digital Graveyard EP is Batman on an 80s’ styled bender. Grab it for free on their bandcamp page here. And stream the entire thing below. “What don’t you fucking get about it?!”

Source SoundCloud / SVN SNS RCRDS

It’s been a slow week for us here at Transient. Soul crushing work getting in the way of finding new and incredible music…which makes this track from C ∆ L I C that much more of a sonic oasis for us - splashing our ears with wetsuit worthy synths and lush R&B samples. ‘Mimesis’ is off the groups new LP ‘Incessant Buzzing Apparatus’ which you can grab for free here.Thanks to our buddy Pasta Prima for servin this one up.

Source SoundCloud / C ∆ L I C

From Heart & Soul:

"Bedroom (Noah Kittinger), a recent favorite artist of mine, has released his debut full length, Vividtoday. I’ve been listening to this release for a good couple weeks and it’s everything you’d hope for after listening to his previous EP, Toys. Noah uses the sound he found for himself on Toys but steps it up and experiments with it, drawing inspiration from a broad range of sounds and letting them soak in to his music.

Reverb drenched vocals and summery, dreamy vibes are found throughout this release and it’s proving to be a stunning follow up to that previously mentioned EP.”

— Grab the whole thing for free here.

Source SoundCloud / alltomorrowmusic

This is the first we’ve heard of British band Bare Pale But from the sound of their single Mexican Wave, these guys are boldly taking fuzz where no fuzz has gone before. Simply put, if you like your guitars tarred in distorted shoe gaze and feathered in indie guy beard trimmings you’ll dig  this track. Grab it for free via the sound cloud link below.

Source SoundCloud / bare pale

The last we heard from Perth based Seams they were blending mathrock and the free-flowing grooves of surf pop into the unlikely  and incredible Boomer. Their newest track titled Opossum furthers the bands rep as the Bill Nye the Sciene Guy of the indie music scene combining A psychedelic film theme with something the band is calling Marsupial Surf. Need we say more? Game, set, match. Grab the track for free via the sound cloud link below.

Source SoundCloud / SEAMS

Not sure what exactly I was expecting to hear when I first clicked play on Deafkid’s ‘Pig’, but this new project from Chris Lockington and Florian Sauvaire of Ghostpoet goes far beyond the unassuming “pop electronic” tag they’ve labeled it. Awesomely eclectic and ever-evolving the song has more in common with John Carpenter’s Thing than it does traditional electro-pop. I’m exaggerating of course. But you get what we’re goin for. Grab it for free via the soundcloud link below.

Source SoundCloud / Deafkid

In what’s becoming somewhat of a bi weekly regular post here’s another from the young and restless Dylan Seih aka Tours. His new one is titled ‘Near Me’ and though still brimming with Seighs patented spaced-out shoegaze the track is more brooding and twisted than anything we’ve heard so far from the guy. Needless to say we’re intrigued and can’t wait to hear more. Grab it for free via the soundcloud link below. BTW, Any reference to America’s #1 Daytime Drama was completely unintentional.

Source SoundCloud / tours

Another week, another heavy hitting jam from the emo-enigma known as Trap Arnold. His new one is called Reel Tears, bringing the light synths and hardcore trap dance beats we’ve come to expect. And if you haven’t heard of this guy yet do yourself right and check this one out. It’s a game changer. Grab this for free via the soundlcoud link below.

Source SoundCloud / Trap Arnold

Nebula - Telescope Thieves


by Telescope Thieves
album Interstellar Alchemy

from Heart And Soul

"An other worldly experience, an other worldly journey " 

Nebula, from the album Interstellar Alchemy, proves Telescope Thieves’ ability to effortlessly blend genres pairing ambient and experimental electronic synthesizers with more straightforward hip hop percussion. The guest vocals (provided by Gabrielle Rodriguez) add a whole new layer of depth to the track adding some beautiful vocal harmonies and an amazingly dreamy hook.

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