by Tim Fitz

It was all the way back in November around the time our lil blog revved up that we first posted the hectic brilliance of Tim Fitz. It’s been a quiet six plus months since then but Fitz is finally back. Now going under the name Tricky-FInger Tim (figures), his new track titled Kleptocraniac has all the inconsistencies and absurdity we expect from a Tim Fitz track  glitchy electronica, scattershot percussion, and a lucid piano track that carries the song like a sobering cup coffee through a blitzed out night of debauchery. Get it for free on his bandcamp page here.

Like any seasoned nerd will tell you, encountering ones self as a time-traveler is highly discouraged. But Phillidelphia’s Andy Molholt  has seemingly done exactly that. On his debut EP under the moniker Laser Background Andy’s second grade persona catches up with his  grown-up self in a psychedelic collision of cosmic proportions. It’s a temporal paradox of an album where scuzzy guitars mix with Super Mario Samples and Oompah Loompah-esque vocals are sung to jangly waltzes. It’s a potentially sticky mess of sounds but Holholt being the unyielding innovator and weirdo experimenter he is turns it into oddball pop perfection. Check out the track ‘Ghostman on Second’ above, stream the entire EP below, and look for the albums release on July 15 from Stroll On Records.


In a sonic landscape that sees new and different genre combinations every day, London’s Roman is the all you can eat musical buffet. His newest track is ‘Hold My Hand’ - pulling everything from neo-soul, white-boy rap, the sardonic musings of Lonely Island (with more indie cred), and Prince’s falsetto for a sound that’s impossible to pin down. And impossibly good. Did we mention there’s an air siren?

Source SoundCloud / R~O~M~A~N

Listening to British bizzaro-pop group Laurel Collective is like sitting in on a masterclass of weird filling each track with more warped riffs, flawed melodies, and irreverent lyrics than a  Yankovic + Bjork collab. Their new single is the awesome ‘Heartbeat Underground’, building on the off-kilterish sound from earlier tracks 'They Hate Me' and ‘Sunshine Buddy’.

Source SoundCloud / LaurelCollective

San Francisco based Tree, bka Oliver Tree Nickell is the Macgyver of music using gameboys, toasters, scissors and other sorts of randomness to make his new track ‘Warrior.’ It’s from Nickell’s upcoming LP ‘Splitting Branches’ and is just as superbly odd as you’re already guessing. The only thing Richard Dean Anderon’s got on the kid is better hair. Get the track for free via the soundcloud link below.

Source SoundCloud / tree!

Level 8 - Clouds - Soccer96

Level 8 - Clouds

by Soccer96
album Soccer96

It’s been several months since we first posted the genre-mashing Soccer96 from Brighton. But seeing as how the bands debut drops in less than a month we thought a return trip to their world of 8-bit synths and drum solos was called for. The album boasts earlier singles 'Superwarrior' and 'California' plus 5 other tracks. Our favorite of which is the mind-blowing ‘Level 8’ — which if we’re not being to subtle is quite honestly one of the best tracks we’ve heard all year. When the mark hits 2:35 you’ll know why.

On their debut LP, Swedish psych-ers Death And Vanilla sound like they’ve just surfaced from a tiny crawlspace in Hitchcocks mind. Which isn’t too far of a stretch, seeing as how the albums production began in a small attic overlooking one of Sweeden’s largest and oldest graveyards. It’s an album rooted in a dark soundscapes, and yet it comes across as if it were a dream achieving the same sense of eerie glee as the famed filmmaker did through voyeurism and putting Perkins in drag.

This is one of the most original albums of the year and will undoubtedly find its way onto some end-of-the-year lists. We dare you to make it through the first three songs and say otherwise. Check out the standout track ‘Cul De Sac’ above and stream the entire album below.

Source SoundCloud / Hands In The Dark

The icelandic queen of curio-pop has a dark (and even more unsettling) twin. Her name is Laura Jane Lowther - lead vocalist and band leader of the Perth trio Kučka. The group is releasing their new EP March 22, and just dropped a hint of whats to come with ‘Polly’ - a swirling confectionery of sounds and vocals that brought together are both mesmerizing and oddly beautiful. Check it out above and stream (or download) an earlier track below.

I (demo version) by kučka

Source SoundCloud / kučka

When trillwaver Salvador Jolly contacted us we wondered if the moniker, as cool as it is, was nothing more than a gimmicky name. But after taking in a couple of Jolly’s tracks we can honestly say the guy approaches his music with the same trippy psych-surrealism as the wax stached-artist did his paintings. Check out the track ‘Endofanera’ above, and stream his newest, ‘Niteshift’ below.

Source SoundCloud / Salvador Jolly