Honestly, we can’t believe we haven’t posted on Only Real already as we’ve been digging his homespun idiosyncratic jams for quite a while now. We don’t know much about the man-boy behind the moniker other than what we can gather form his Facebook page. That he’s young. And British. But despite his age, the kid has an innate ability to tap into the malaise of Average Joe through his distinct brand of bluesy sing-spoken rap. Ordinary has hardly sounded this fresh. Check out his newest single, Cadillac Girl above and stream several of his previous tracks below.

New Gold by OnlyReal

Blood Carpet by OnlyReal

Source SoundCloud / OnlyReal

With ‘Exorcism’, Keith Hampson aka Power Animal may have made the first legitimate piece of bed rest pop. Created over the course of 10 months while Hampson was in and out of the hospital, the albums’ beautifully stitched samples and crooning vocals were all recorded and arranged while laying in bed with an Sp-404. The result is six wonderfully fatigued yet brightly upbeat tracks that could only have come from a skilled artist making music from his bed. Check out the title track above, stream the album in its entirety below, or get it for free via Crash Symbols and Human Kindness Overflowing, whose entire proceeds go to the Philadelphia food bank and hunger relief organization Philabundance. Good jams for a good cause.

Source SoundCloud / Power Animal

The zany brained Kotki Dwa is back with a new single, ‘Poison.’ It’s the first we’ve heard from the band since dropping their amazing EP, ‘Lunch’ - and a welcome return to the land of absurdist pop. “We represent the Lollipop Guild. The Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild.”

Source SoundCloud / Kotki Dwa

Sounding like a safari through an off-kilter pop reserve, Southampton’s Montage Populaire are eclectic, ambitious, and oddly compelling. Their upcoming EP ‘Not All Bombs Explode’ drops on March 19th, and our first taste comes way of the previously demoed ‘Reject Reinstall’ - a frisky pop gem, littered with sightings of The Beta Band, Bowie, and The Fiery Furnaces. Oh my!

Source SoundCloud / montagepopulaire

Willy Moon, still fresh off the success of the shoe shuffling single 'I Wanna Be Your Man', is back with another brilliantly nonsensical piece of pop. Moons new track, ‘Yeah Yeah’, pairs his token retro-electro sound with a central sample from Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta F’ Wit’. And if that isn’t enough of a sonic mash, there’s some James Brown in there too. Get Back!

Source SoundCloud / itswillymoon

Boldy going where no St Louis label has gone before is Farfetched covering everything from gypsy-hop to electro-soul on their first 18 track compilation, Prologue. Aptly named, this album delivers exactly what it says it does; an opening hook and a hint of whats to come from this motley crew of progressive artists. And although each track on Prologue explores a different sonic niche, there’s a sense of kinship in their dedication to experimentation and innovation. One such example is the standout track ‘Bloom Of The Android’ (above) - a skittering cut of electronica, now set to 16 bit video courtesy of Makakinidani. Other standouts include the sinister electro-burner ‘Dreamscape’, the old-skool beatz of ‘Double Trouble’, and the trip-hop-happy ‘Playtonik’. Stream the album in its entirety below.

British quartet Alt-J’s new single ‘Fitzpleasure’ is a sonic gobstopper. With layer-on-layer of musical ideas, it’s at once a barbershop chant, then an homage to prog-rock, before meandering into something out of a Quentin Tarantino western. It’s complex and confounding - but is brilliantly tied together into one gloriously schizophrenic pop song. Keep an eye out for their debut album, due out in May from Infectious.

Source SoundCloud / alt-J

Body Cheetah & Messed Up Coyotes new EP ‘Clang’ is five zonked out tracks with some of the coolest psych-hop this side of 2011. Like a genre experiment gone horribly right, the duo frankenstein glam-rock with the dirty south and the relentless energy of a Mountain Dew high. Too damaged for the dance-floor, this is music for late nights and the back of cabs - dark, sweaty, and intoxicating. Check out ‘Animals’ the first track off the album above, and stream the entire EP below.

Source SoundCloud / Father Longlegs